Hodge Odell

Hodge Odell

Hodge Odell
Sports Director

Sports Director stats

Age: 41
Size: 204 cm
Weight: / kgs
Role: Sports director
Date of birth: 26/03/1973
Place of residence: Houthalen
Married to Sofie Ceyssens
Kids: 2, Matthew and Jayden

Career as a player

2x Caa player of the year/rookie of the year 2x caa tournament MVP

Pro 1997-1998 - Fenerbahce Istanbul
1998/99 - Royal Go pass pepinster
2000/01 - Telindus Mons
2002/04 - Basket Huy
2005/2011 - basket Bree


Idol - Michael JordanHeatChicago Bulls - Spurs because the way the play
Best basketball moment - To have my ODU college number 33 Jersey Retire up in the banners February 2010


Hobbies - looking at soaps, days of our lives/the young and resless and the bold and beautiful

Expectations for Limburg United

To be the best team we can be and get in the top 6